Frequently asked questions

When do you need my bouquet?
Petals & Lace prefer to receive your bouquet as soon as possible so that your flowers are still fresh. Most bouquets are brought to us a day or two after the wedding.

How do I get my bouquet to you?
Petals & Lace are located in Brentwood, just off the A12. We offer a collection service from your wedding venue, or, if you are nearby, you can drop the flowers off in person.  We also accept orders from customers nationwide. Please email [email protected] and we can arrange to have your flowers collected and delivered to us. Next day delivery will cost between £10-20 and customers pay all courier delivery costs and Petals & Lace are not responsible for bouquets whilst they are in transit.

Should I book in advance?
Yes please. It is strongly advised to book before your wedding as only a limited number of bookings are taken per week. Summer months are very busy, so please book in advance. If your wedding has recently taken place and your flowers are still in good condition, it is always worth giving us a call, or drop an email, to see if we can arrange a last-minute order.

 Will my bouquet look exactly the same as on my wedding day?
Petals & Lace use the freeze drying 3D method of preservation which will maintain the form and shape of your flowers. You may find that some flower colours may intensify and deepen. White flowers may take on a creamy colour, fuschia pink flowers may go magenta, red flowers may turn a claret colour. The success of the preservation will depend on the condition of the flowers when they reach us. 

How long will my order take?
Most orders will be completed within about 3-4 months of the date the flowers are received. You will be contacted when your order is ready.

I want to buy this as a gift for my bride-to-be sister/gift for my mum and bridesmaids. Can I purchase a gift voucher?
No problem at all. A preserved wedding flower frame makes a wonderfully unique and personal gift that your family and friends can cherish forever.

Can I choose my frame?
Petals & Lace have a choice of frames and framing options.

How long will my preserved bouquet last?

If treated with care, there is no reason why your preserved bouquet shouldn’t last forever.
‚ÄčHow deep is the frame?
Petals & Lace use extra deep frames in order to ensure a perfect 3D representation of your bouquet.

What size frame do I need for my bouquet?
Please see our Price List for information on suitable frame sizes.